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Indeed, he further said that this particular design thermostatically maintains a consistent 130F oil temperature. He also likes the air and diffuser adjustments which are easier to set and allow a finer tuning of the equipment. Aaron is well into having installed a dozen of the Geminox/Monitor boilers and hopes to buy another couple dozen this year. The design incorporates a fresh air intake for combustion, ensuring safety for the occupants and boosted boiler performance as it actually uses wasted exhaust BTU's to preheat the incoming outside combustion air.

Servicing is a breeze as pulling the whole burner is only a matter of clicking apart a quick-connect wiring harness and loosening one holding nut. Cleaning the boiler is simple and straightforward.

Aaron further makes the point that a boiler is just one of the many installed components of a complete system.

"We need to stop looking at individual components, but look at the system as a whole... it makes no sense to install top-of-the-line equipment, but then handcuff its abilities because we didn't understand how their function relates to other components," he said. "Related to this, the most important component is the customer. Do we understand how they fit into the system of machinery and piping we've installed? In other words, do we really understand our customers' expectations? Have we explained our work in terms of human comfort and safety? Without these links recognized, we've missed out on the biggest part of our business."

Words of wisdom from one so young.

Aaron is the friendly, affable, mild tempered type and is pushing six feet tall in his work boots. He finds that his age is usually thought to be more than it is by customers, which is fine. Later, as he gets to know them, they find out that he is still only in his late twenties, which further impresses them thanks to his abundance of "older" knowledge and abilities. So that is where we get the title, "Younger better, later."


"Customer communication is the key to our success & your satisfaction."

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